Munch Manship Quartet CDMunch Manship Quartet

  • Munch Manship: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
  • Dave Hassell: drums
  • Gary Culshaw: electric bass
  • Vinny Parker: keyboards
  • All arrangements by Munch Manship


  1. this heart of mine
  2. giant steps
  3. amancer
  4. with the wind and rain in your hair
  5. absent friends
  6. it might as well be spring
  7. soon it’s gonna rain
  8. the song is you
  9. triste
  10. skylark
  11. alice in wonderland
  12. have you met miss jones
  13. secret love

Twelve Pearls

Twelve Pearls, CD by Munch Manship

  • Munch Manship. Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute.
  • Richard Wigley, Trombone.
  • Vinny Parker, Robin Dewhurst, Piano.
  • Simon Goulding Bass.
  • Paul Smith. Dave Hassell, Drums / Percussion.
  • Laura Manship, Vocals.
  • En Hudson, Harp.
  • Compositions and arrangements by Munch Manship

Track list

  • Zimbabwe
  • To Be A European
  • Harpooned
  • A Lighter Touch
  • Opal Coast
  • A Tribute to Harold McNoir
  • The Older I Got the Better I Was
  • Anna Maria della Pieta
  • Smooching
  • Savoir Faire
  • Absent Friends
  • Bop Till You Drop
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